Play2Earn Services

Quantum Studios, is happy to start offering Play2Earn as a service. This new type of service will help your Brand or Project enter the Metaverse space with a Play2Earn game or experience.

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About our services

Our team has a reputation in this industry and has worked with numerous large brands over the years. With this, we have the advantage of a well connected network in the Metaverse space. Using existing platforms like The Sandbox, our team of UGC experts will help you develop a unique gaming experience for your community, from the ground up.

Not only are we highly experienced in Game Development, but we also are experts in user experience, and innovative utility in the web3 space. We can help you release a product your community will love.

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Quantum Cards

A brand new Utility NFT for our existing holders of Magpie Moguls, and anyone looking to benefit from our projects as a whole.

  • Cards come in three different tiers, white, gold, and black. Each tier offers more benefits for holders.
  • Earn more $NEST with your Quantum Card. 10% of our profits from every Quantum project will be used to buy back $NEST.
  • Get exclusive access to special Raffles, Airdrops, Collaborations, & More. This is your all access pass to Quantum Studios Projects and Collabs.

Quantum Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals as a studio. This includes future content releases and plans for our new services, and how they will benefit our community.

1. Play2Earn As a Service

Our studio will now offer development of Play to Earn games and Metaverse games as a service. With this, we will be launching new marketing campaigns to secure leads, and partner with new Brands and Projects. With this service, we are offering new benefits to our own community, for example, we are going to buy back $NEST with 10% of profits from every project we do. We already partnered with DaiyaDroids, an upcoming ETH project to bring them a P2E game on The Sandbox.

2. Quantum Card Mint

We will be launching our Quantum Cards through Magic Eden's Launchpad. We already used this for our Magpie Moguls release. Magpie Holders will get a FREE Mint and have presale access. This mint will help bring in new members to our community, and new investors into our projects.

3. Play to Earn Partnerships

We are partnering with a company, under NDA, valued at 500M Dollars. We have exclusive access to be one of the first play to earn web3 experiences on their platform, which will be a big announcement. We are currently already working on this, and Magpie Moguls will have much bigger integration into our other plans, which we will announce soon. This will all add a TON of Utilities to Magpie Moguls. We are working on securing more partnerships and hope to build multiple P2E games within the next year.

4. Quantum P2E Games

We are working on a larger scope Play to Earn experience with our new platform partner. This game will offer tons of new benefits and utilities for Magpie Moguls and Quantum Card Holders. We also plan to continue to use $NEST to increase it's value. This is currently in development and we will release more in the next couple months.

5. Future Drops

Aside from our awesome gaming experiences, we have a number of new NFT Drops coming up. These include Magpie Mates, and several *TOP SECRET* collections in the work. All of this will bring new art and utility to our community.