Magpie Moguls

A 2222 Mischief of Magpies is coming to Solana, bringing with them incredible utility, airdrops, and much more to innovate the NFT space.


What are
Magpie Moguls?

Magpie Moguls are a variety of randomly generated images, with each one having a unique combination of characteristics. Just like their holders, magpies love to collect shiny things. They will constantly be filling their nest with airdrops and tokens, in hopes of attracting a rare mate.

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What is $NEST?

$NEST is our token for Magpie Moguls. We've got a few awesome plans for this token that will make it valuable for our community.

  • $NEST will be regularly airdropped to our NFT holders via Staking, as well as available on a DEX.
  • $NEST will be used to enter Raffles, and can be spent in our future games to recieve unique benefits.
  • We are constantly thinking of more ways to provide value to $NEST, and it will come into play in a big way when we start releasing our games and new forms of utilities.
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Updated Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Magpie Moguls. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on and plan to innovate the NFT space.

1. Staking Platform

We have partnered with Ubik to bring our community Staking. We aim to have basic Magpie staking released April 12th and custom staking with Shiny Objects ready by the end of April. With staking you will earn $NEST from your Magpies and bonus $NEST from each Shiny Object you've collected.

2. OpenSea Integration

We are currently talking to OpenSea to get integrated into their platform, and we may even get integrated during the beta period still. Regardless, we will soon be on OpenSea. During this we will have events and initiatives to help our floor price and volume increase.

3. Play to Earn Partnership

We are partnering with a company, under NDA, valued at 500M Dollars. We have exclusive access to be one of the first play to earn web3 experiences on their platform, which will be a big announcement. We are currently already working on this, and Magpie Moguls will have much bigger integration into our other plans, which we will announce soon. This will all add a TON of Utilities to Magpie Moguls.

4. Casino Games

We are working on using an existing game provider, which will allow our brand bigger exposure. We already have a beautiful set of custom designed Magpie Moguls cards and other art assets ready to go. We plan to release Blackjack, and Coin Flip. We also plan to release Poker. This is dependant on finding an existing provider as we don't want to allocate too much funds for a custom solution when this already exists.

5. Future Drops

We have several future drops planned that will also integrate Magpie Moguls. These drops have some innovative, never before seen Utility, and with our Play 2 Earn partnership should be very popular. We also have plans for a free Mint that will bring in new people to our community.


Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 150+ unique traits across different categories. All of our Magpies look awesome, and there are even some Legendary ones out there!

Quantum Studios


This isn’t your typical NFT project where the team pops up overnight to make a quick profit. We have been working together for over 2 years.

We’ve worked under contract to create games on user-generated platforms for Samsung ($320 B), Epic Games ($28.7 B), Gen G e-sports ($185 M), Manticore Games ($160 M+), and a few other large names which are currently under NDA.

Combined, we have had over 250 million unique players experience our content, and understand what it takes to build and retain a dedicated community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Rep your Magpie Mogul on Twitter

When you get your Magpie, it will be important to show it off on Twitter. Our special app will track our community members on Twitter who use their profile picture, and award airdrops, tokens, and more!

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